About Us

An eclectic mix of fine fabrics, gorgeous handwork and modern silhouettes, Charu Makkar was founded with a passion for all things fashion.

Founded in 2013 by the dynamic designer Charu Makkar, the brand is an amalgamation of western silhouettes, age-old Indian art techniques and premium fabrics coming together to create magic.

We aim to keep you stylish and comfortable at the same time with our pleasingly aesthetic creations. Each piece at Charu Makkar is a fairy tale and we love putting in each stitch with utmost love and care. Every product has its special journey. Every outfit takes weeks of research about the latest styles & lots of dedication and immense hard-work from our talented team before they are displayed.


Trends might come and go but we pay attention to everlasting trends and styles. From trending prints to chic colours, we bring outfits for every mood.

We not only play with and thoughtfully select fabrics, we pay attention to each stitch and do both machine and hand-embroidery.

Be it Dabka, Zari, Bada, Pitton, & more; you name it and our talented team will get to work. With our latest collection launch we are diving into in-house block printing, digital printing and screen printing with each piece customised to our client's whim and fancy.